After Threads, Bluesky also adds a way to see your own likes


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Bluesky introduced a bunch of updates on Friday to its mobile apps and website including a new tab to see your own likes, notification support for apps, and an emoji picker for the web composer.

Earlier this month, Bluesky’s rival Threads added a new tab in settings, called “Your Likes,” to let users look at their own liked posts. In contrast, Bluesky has added a “Likes” tab to users’ profiles. The placement of the tab is similar to X (formerly Twitter), but unlike the Elon Musk-owned social network, Bluesky doesn’t let you see liked posts of other people.

Bluesky has added a new likes tab

Bluesky has added a new likes tab

The platform specified in a post that the likes of a user can be accessed through the API as they are public. While the native client doesn’t show them, other apps can choose to include functionality to display the likes of other users.

Additionally, the social network has also added the ability to suggest people to mention when someone types an “@” in the composer. This update is available across platforms. In another composer-related enhancement, Bluesky has added an emoji picker on the web. In its latest update, Bluesky is also adding notifications to its mobile apps.

Earlier this week, Bluesky added rate limits to actions like resetting passwords or updating the user handle to stabilize network traffic. The social media company took this action, as last week after Musk announced that X would be removing the “block” feature, Bluesky briefly failed to handle the load of the new traffic on the site.

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