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Arc now features a live calendar button to help you stay punctual for meetings

The Browser Company’s Arc, a web browser that aims to have a less cluttered user interface, launched a “Live Calendar” feature to ensure you never miss a call or run late to a meeting. The feature rolled out yesterday on Mac and is available in the latest Arc update with version 1.47.1.

The new feature allows you pin Google Calendar to your favorites section for quick access at any time. Once activated, the “Live Calendar” feature provides countdown timers to remind you right before a meeting starts and a “Join” button to hop on calls with a single click. You can choose how soon you want the reminder to appear in settings. 

Other updates released in the newest version of Arc include a less cluttered command bar that eliminates the Shift+Enter icons that pop up after a search and a swipe capability for reopening tabs that you accidentally closed. Additionally, a Picture-in-Picture mode on the Arc Search app enables users to multitask like online shopping while watching a YouTube video.

Arc’s parent company, The Browser Company, is on a mission to build an “internet computer” for users. Arc has recently introduced several handy features, including an AI agent that browses the web for you and an AI-powered summarizing tool

The Browser Company raised $50 million in March at a valuation of $550 million. 

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