For Indian marketers mobile ad fraud remains a huge challenge in 2022


Advertisement related frauds is a great concern across mobile environments in 2022, said majority of Indian marketers, according to the latest Industry Pulse Report released by Integral Ad Science. According to the report, as many as 78 per cent of respondents believe that ad fraud will remain a great concern across mobile environments this year and at least 26 per cent said mobile web video environments will be among the most vulnerable in terms of brand risk.

The respondents believed that contextual targeting solutions (74 per cent) and third-party verification (72 per cent) will be important to ensure brand safety in mobile environments. Despite the focus on mobile and social media, ad fraud remains a huge challenge in India.  As for social media channels, nine out of 10 marketers are concerned about the vulnerability of platform to ad fraud.

“As the ongoing pandemic has driven consumers to embrace hybrid lifestyles and digital experiences, digital advertisers pivoted their strategies globally to emphasize mobile, social media, CTV, and digital audio. This scenario is similar in India. However, in a market as large and dynamic as India, brands are becoming more conscious of the importance of quality impressions and safe brand environments. As a result, the role of verification partners is gaining prominence in creating a safe and transparent setting for brands,” said Saurabh Khattar, Commercial Lead, India, IAS.×1.png
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The report further highlights that the Indian audience will continues to transition from TV and radio to digital streaming channels such as CTV, OTT, and podcasts. At least 80 per cent of respondents anticipate an accelerating transition from TV consumption to OTT platforms streaming this year, while over 7 in 10 agreed that audio listeners will shift towards digital alternatives.

However, 68 per cent  of media experts anticipate higher brand risk with audio streaming content as more inventory becomes available. And ultimately, 68 per cent of respondents agreed that third-party verification will be important to ensure the quality of audio streaming inventory.

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