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How to use Cocreator AI to create digital artwork on Paint for Windows 11

  • To use Cocreator to create artwork with AI on Windows 11, open Paint on your Copilot+ PCs, click “Cocreator,” compose prompt of the image to create, draw on the canvas, and adjust “Creativity” for the best result.
  • The Windows 11 2024 Update will be available on June 18 for Copilot+ PCs and in October for existing PCs.

As part of the Windows 11 24H2 (2024 Update), Microsoft introduces an updated version of the Paint app with a new “Cocreator” feature, and in this guide, I will explain how to get started using this feature.

Cocreator on Paint is a new feature that allows you to create digital artwork with AI based on your drawing. Once you describe the image you want to create as a text prompt, as you start drawing in the canvas, an AI model running on the device will generate a new image based on your drawing. 

This feature is exclusive to Copilot+ PCs as they come with the latest Qualcomm Snapdragon X Elite processor, which also integrates the required NPU (Neural Processing Unit) to run the AI models part of the new Windows Copilot Runtime on version 24H2 that powers the Cocreator feature.

Since this feature works on-device, no data gets uploaded to the cloud for processing, unlike the Image Creator feature, which is also available for Paint.

In this guide, I will outline the steps to get started working on the Cocreator AI feature on Windows 11.

Create digital artwork with Cocreator for Paint

To create digital artwork with Cocreator on Paint, use these steps:

  1. Open Paint on Windows 11.

  2. Click the Cocreator button from the toolbar.

    Paint Cocreator AI feature
    Paint Cocreator AI feature / Image: Microsoft

  3. Compose a prompt for the image to create. For example, “a black bear drinking coffee sitting next to a picnic table.”

  4. Use the mouse or digital pane to start drawing on the canvas.

    Quick tip: You can use any available Paint app tools to draw. It’s important you also use the appropriate colors to help the AI model to produce the best artwork possible.

  5. (Optional) Use the Creative slider to choose the level of creativity to create the new artwork based on your drawing using AI.

  6. (Optional) Use the Style setting to choose the art style, such as “Pixel Art,” “Oil painting,” “Charcoal,” “Ink Sketch,” “Watercolor,” “Digital Art,” “Photorealistic,” and “Anime.”

  7. Click on the AI-generated artwork to apply the changes to your drawing.

    Paint Cocreator generated image
    Paint Cocreator generated image / Image: Microsoft

Once you complete the steps, the Cocreator feature will generate an image using AI based on your drawing.

If you don’t find the feature, it’s because you are not using a Copilt+ PC running the Windows 11 2024 Update. The feature update will be available on June 18 for Copilot+ PCs and in October for existing PCs.

It’s important to note that Cocrator was the original name for Paint’s Image Creator feature, which uses the DALL-E AI model from OpenAI to convert text into AI images. However, the name has changed since then.

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