I tried Dizo’s Wireless Dash Bluetooth headphones. Here’s what surprised me (and what didn’t)


I was skeptical about truly wireless audio when the first AirPods came out. However, a few years and what feel like a million TWS earbuds later, the idea of having no wires dangling from my ears has become part of everyday life.

So, when Dizo sent me their newest neckbands for review, I asked myself where neckband-style earphones belonged in 2022, when the world is going wireless. I used the earbuds for a week to see if they could replace the TWS earbuds I had grown to accept and love. Here are my thoughts on the same.


The Dizo Wireless Dash are your typical neckband earphones with a couple of earbuds connected behind your neck by the collar, which also holds the inbuilt battery, a couple of controls, the USB Type-C port and a microphone.

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10 minutes into using the Wireless Dash, I was reminded of the convenience neckbands offered, a feeling that had been lost on me for a long time. When I was done with a call or listening to music, I could simply pull out the earbuds from my ears and let go of them, knowing the magnetic ends would find their way to each other.

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The earbuds also automatically shut off when the magnetic ends connect, similar to the OnePlus Bullets Series, offering a very seamless experience of getting in and out of music sessions. This is also helped by the fact that the earbuds also connect to a paired device very quickly when you pull apart the buds and put them in your ear.

dizo, dizo wireless dash, dizo wireless dash review, The Kevlar design of the neckbands look great on all outfits. (Image Source: The Indian Express/ Chetan Nayak)

I must also mention the excellent Kevlar design that’s present here. No, these are not loud in the visual sense and you’re not going to turn heads with this around your neck but the sleek black design allowed me to flaunt the Dizo Wireless Dash with both casuals during the weekends and formal wear during a quick trip to the passport office.

Sound Quality and customisation

I didn’t expect audiophile-grade sound quality from the Dizo Wireless Dash, because of its low price. However the sound signature here turned out much better than I expected. Crisp vocals, deep bass and no distortion meant I could enjoy most genres without problems.

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My sessions included a lot of bass-heavy tracks from Run The Jewels (Legend has it, No save point, Let’s go) as well as some classic rock and roll songs by Led Zeppelin and AC/DC, and vocal-heavy songs by Atif Aslam, Arijit Singh and the late Bollywood legend KK.

However, it is towards the higher volumes where one can quickly and much more easily point out the lack of depth and distortion. I’d suggest sticking to modest volumes if you’re rocking these earbuds and skip the volume levels that come after Android’s ear-safety warning.

dizo, dizo wireless dash, dizo wireless dash review, The Dizo Wireless Dash earbuds are comfortable in the ear, even for long hours. (Image Source: The Indian Express/ Chetan Nayak)

I was also able to connect the Dizo Wireless Dash to the Realme Link app and switch between a few sound profiles and customise the buttons and their actions. This was really handy, and it also helped that the Link app also upgraded the firmware of the earbuds during my testing.

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The Dizo Wireless Dash also had good battery life and on a full charge I was able to go a week with regular music and phone call use. Speaking of calls, the microphone quality was also supreme, with all my callers pointing out better audio from my end compared to the TWS earbuds I had been using (those were also by Dizo). You also get fast USB type-C charging which is also quite helpful.


The Dizo Wireless Dash is in my view a great audio product for someone looking to buy something reliable and consistent under Rs 1,500. The earbuds don’t particularly have any major flaws I came across during these last few days and hence, for those who are looking for (or are okay with) the neckband form factor, this is a solid option at this price.

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