Shiba Inu founder bids adeu to the community, deletes all blogs and tweets


Ryoshi, cryptocurrency Shiba Inu’s pseudonymous founder has walked away from the SHIB community, and erased all of his tweets and blogs. Shiba Inu was launched as an alternative to Dogecoin (DOGE) in August 2020 by an anonymous person or group under the name Ryoshi. According to its founders, it was created as an experiment in decentralised spontaneous community building.

Ryoshi’s identity has remained unknown since the project was launched in August 2020.  The meme-coin founder has often said that he would one day “disappear”. In a deleted Medium post, the founder had reportedly said: “I have said from the beginning, I am a nobody, I am not important. The efforts to unmask my ‘identity’ even if successful would be underwhelming. I am just some guy of no consequence tapping at a keyboard and I am replaceable. I am Ryoshi.”

He tweeted with the handle @RyoshiResearch and is regarded as the person or group of persons behind Shiba Inu, the second most popular memecoin in the cryptocurrency world. Currently, while his Twitter account is active, he has deleted all of his posts and has changed his Twitter profile photo to include a picture of Buddhist Jetsun Milarepa, who was a well-known Tibetan poet and yogi. The header image of his account features a picture of a cloud and a half-moon.

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Interestingly, the bio has also been erased from his Twitter account. It read: “SHIB and LEASH Founder. We do it for the people.”

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According to Coinquora, the link to SHIB has been removed from the Medium platform for all of SHIB’s four blogs. All of Ryoshi’s previous blogs have been removed a year after they were written on May 30, 2021.

Meanwhile, lead developers such as Shytoshi Kusama have stated that the project will carry on and continue to “actualize Ryoshi’s vision and plan for this grand experiment” of building a decentralized memecoin ecosystem.

In other news, SHIB is the most held token among the wealthiest Ethereum whales. ‘Whales’ in crypto slang describe individuals or institutions that hold large amounts of coins of a certain cryptocurrency. According to Whale Stats, a crypto whale tracker, Ethereum whales have emerged as one of the largest holders of Shiba Inu, holding up to $1 billion SHIB.

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