Windows 11 23H2 retires legacy troubleshooters in favor of Get Help app


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  • Microsoft to deprecate the built-in troubleshooters for Windows 11.
  • The change will start on version 23H2 in late 2023 and higher releases.
  • The company is expected to completely remove the tools by 2025.
  • Older versions of Windows won’t be affected.

Microsoft is in the process of phasing out the legacy Microsoft Support Diagnostic Tool (MSDT) and MSDT Troubleshooters for Windows 11 (and higher releases). According to the company, the plan is to deprecate the legacy troubleshooters with the release of version 23H2. However, it’ll take several years before the tools are completely removed from the operating system.

In 2023, Windows 11 23H2 will start redirecting some of the troubleshooters to the new “Get Help” app to diagnose and resolve the issue. In 2024, the plan is to remove the troubleshooters and complete the redirections to the Get Help app. Finally, in 2025, Microsoft will completely remove the MSDT platform from the operating system.

These tools have been around for many years, and you were able to launch them manually to diagnose and fix common problems (such as printing, updates, sound, Bluetooth, and networking issues). Also, in some cases, the tools would start automatically in an attempt to correct a specific problem.

Troubleshooters in Settings
Troubleshooters in Settings

It’s important to note that Microsoft is phasing out the legacy troubleshooter platform on Windows 11 23H2 and higher releases. If you have Windows 11 22H2 or earlier, or Windows 10, 8.1, or 7, you will continue to be able to launch the troubleshooters to diagnose and correct common problems.

The Get Help app will now be the platform to resolve common issues on your computer. If you are using Windows 11, you can access the app from the Start menu. Also, if, for example, you’re dealing with audio issues, you will find an option to launch the app directly from the “Sound” settings.

The app is super straightforward since it only includes a search box that you can use to look up a problem. As you type, the app will start using predictions to show results on the topic quickly. You can then choose the result to start the troubleshooting steps.

Get Help app
Get Help app

In some cases, the Get Help app will guide you with steps on things you need to do to correct the problem. In other situations, you will be offered an option to run a tool that may fix the issue, and you may also receive a combination of steps and tools to resolve the problem.

Also, the app offers an option to contact Microsoft support directly if you need additional help. If you want to start a conversation, you will asked to specify the product, and then you’ll given the option to chat with support through the browser, or if you have a Microsoft 365 subscription, you will be able to get phone support.

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