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Windows 11 24H2 release date set for June and October 2024

  • Microsoft plans to release Windows 11 24H2 on June 18 for Copilot+ PCs.
  • The 2024 Update will roll out in September or October for existing Windows 11 PCs.
  • This version will require a complete reinstallation of the operating system.
  • Windows 11 24H2 will include a slew of AI features, a new Sudo command, an archival wizard, Energy Saver, and more.

UPDATED 6/12/2024: Microsoft has officially announced that it’s working on Windows 11 24H2 (2024 Update), and the company plans to release the feature update for new Copilot+ PCs first in June and then for existing compatible devices in September or October.

Also, it’s important to note that the company has no plans to launch Windows 12 this year.

Release date

The first release date for Windows 11 24H2 will be June 18, 2024, but this release won’t be for existing computers. Instead, it will be available for the new Copilot+ PCs featuring the latest Qualcomm Snapdragon X Elite ARM processor. This rollout will include the core features and changes that these devices require to operate and showcase the new hardware.

Then, in September 2024, the 2024 Update will become available as an optional update for existing devices, and finally, in October 2024, version 24H2 will launch for everyone.

New features

Here is a list of the new features expected to roll out with the release of Windows 11 24H2:

  • Windows Recall (AI).
  • Windows Studio Effects (AI).
  • Live Captions (AI).
  • Auto Super Resolution (Auto SR) (AI).
  • Voice Clarity (AI).
  • Cocreator for Paint (AI).
  • Restyle Image for Photos (AI).
  • Windows Copilot Runtime.
  • Copilot native app (AI).
  • Copilot suggestions in apps (AI).
  • HDR image support for desktop wallpapers.
  • Wi-Fi 7 support with supported hardware.
  • Sudo command support on Windows 11 to run elevated commands without opening a new admin window.
  • New Energy Saver mode for laptops and computers with batteries.
  • Create 7z and TAR files from File Explorer.
  • Quick Settings with scrollable settings.
  • Share Wi-Fi passwords through QR codes from Settings.
  • New Windows Protected Print Mode to set up printers without third-party drivers.
  • New pause and rename options in the printer settings.
  • Server Massage Block (SMB) protocol receives new changes.
  • Updates to the Local Administrator Password Solution (LAPS).
  • Hearing Aid support enhancements via Bluetooth Low Energy Audio.
  • New microphone testing feature that compares audio processing modes for apps.
  • Settings app with Color Management settings to change color profiles without using the Control Panel.

The company is also testing an updated interface of the Out-of-box Experience (OOBE) that refreshes the design of the wizard you typically use to install the operating system. However, it’s unclear if this feature could be released even before the next feature update.

You can learn more about the new features and changes in my comprehensive guide for Windows 11 24H2.


Since this will be a significant update, it’s expected to require complete reinstallation of the operating system, and this won’t be a release like those monthly updates.

Microsoft will make version 24H2 available through the Windows Update settings and provide other methods as well. For example, shortly after the release, the company will update the Media Creation Tool and Installation Assistant to upgrade devices from version 23H2 and older releases to Windows 11 24H2.

The company is also expected to make the ISO file available for download. You can use it to create a bootable media with third-party tools like Rufus or perform an in-place upgrade by mounting it in File Explorer. The ISO file also helps users install Windows 11 on virtual machines.

If you want to upgrade early, you can download and install the latest preview of version 24H2 from the Release Preview Channel. You can also download the ISO file for the latest preview.

What are your thoughts on this new version of the operating system? Let me know in the comments.

Update June 12, 2024: This page has been updated to ensure accuracy and reflect the latest information.

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