You can now turn on picture-in-picture mode in Google Meet calls


Google has announced that it is rolling out picture-in-picture mode for Google Meet on the Chrome browser, along with the ability to pin multiple video feeds. With the new feature, users can see up to four video tiles in a meeting in a small floating window that is visible even as you do work with other windows and applications on your desktop computer.

The feature is similar to the picture-in-picture mode that is available on mobile for YouTube Premium users and all desktop users. Even though everyone can use YouTube’s picture-in-picture mode on a desktop browser, you need to download a special extension from Google in order to be able to do so.

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But unlike on YouTube, the picture-in-picture mode on Google Meet wouldn’t require any special extension once it rolls out. All you have to do is right-click on the call window or click on the button with three vertical dots and select “Open picture-in-picture.” A video call window will pop out and you can continue working on other browsers and applications while having the call simultaneously.

In the blog post announcing the new feature, Google says that the feature will be available to all Google Workspace users as well as legacy G Suite Basic and Business consumers. This feature will also be available to users with personal Google accounts. Also, there is no admin control for the feature, which should mean that this should be available for all Google Workspace users irrespective of whether it has been enabled by their Workspace admin. The feature began rolling out on June 16 and should be available to all users by the end of the month.

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