You can to set the exact RAM usage for Microsoft Edge to reduce resources on Windows 11

    • Microsoft is implementing a new feature to limit Edge’s RAM usage on Windows devices.
    • The feature appears in the latest Canary version of the browser. 
    • It allows you to set how much memory should be allocated for the browser while gaming or all the time.
    • You can try it now, but you have to enable it manually with this --enable-features=msEdgeResourceControlsRamLimiter command.

    Microsoft is building a feature that will allow you to limit the system memory usage of Microsoft Edge on Windows 11 and 10. According to an X post from @Leopeva64, the default browser for Windows devices will include new “Resource controls” settings to manage RAM usage.

    Historically speaking, one of the constant problems with web browsers, especially Google Chrome, has been out-of-control memory usage, and this relates to Microsoft Edge because this browser is based on the Chromium engine, also developed by Google.

    Microsoft has come up with ways to optimize its browser for performance with different features, such as the “Efficiency mode” to optimize system resources when running on battery and the “Sleeping tabs” feature that puts tabs to sleep after some time of inactivity to free up system resources, including memory.

    Limit RAM usage on Edge

    However, the company is now taking it one step further with the new “Resource controls” settings on the “System and Performance” page (edge://settings/system) that allow you to specify exactly how much memory Microsoft Edge can use.

    Microsoft Edge resource controls settings
    Microsoft Edge resource controls settings

    You can also specify when the browser should control the memory usage. You can choose to enable the limiter while playing games or all the time.

    Furthermore, you will also view the feature working from the “Browser essentials” panel along with the other features.

    Browser essentials RAM usage view
    Browser essentials RAM usage view

    It’s important to note that limiting the system resources that the browser can access will affect performance, depending on how much you restrict the setting.

    Although this is a handy feature, unless it’s really needed, you should allow the system to control the system resources automatically.

    Enable RAM limiter on Edge

    The feature is available in the latest preview of Microsoft Edge in the Canary Channel. However, you must enable it manually by right-clicking the browser shortcut, choosing the “Properties” option, and appending the --enable-features=msEdgeResourceControlsRamLimiter line at the end of the “Target” setting. Then, click the “Apply” and “OK” buttons.

    Microsoft Edge enable RAM limiter
    Microsoft Edge enable RAM limiter

    It’s unclear when this feature will roll out to users, but since there’s a working preview in the browser, I expect it may take a few releases before everyone can access it. However, it’s important to note that not every feature that passes through the Canary Channel is guaranteed to ship in the final version.

    Are you planning to enable the RAM limiter on Microsoft Edge? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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