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Apple expected to upgrade Siri with AI technology

A Bloomberg report suggests Apple is planning to completely overhaul the Siri that we currently know, in favor of more advanced artificial intelligence.

The move could let users control app functions with their voice, according to the publishers’ sources who say they are familiar with the matter.

Siri’s new upgrade could see the virtual assistant taking command of all the features within apps for the first time, with this change requiring a major revamp to the underlying software.

The report says Siri’s software has been updated by using large language models and this will be one of the highlights of Apple’s “renewed push into AI.”

As part of this, more basic AI tasks are expected to be processed on the devices while the more advanced capabilities will be done so through cloud computing.

A representative for the California-based company declined to comment on Bloomberg’s article.

Apple could unveil potential Siri AI in just a few weeks

These details come less than two weeks before Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference which is set to take place on June 10. Ahead of the event, a number of rumors and reports have surfaced, but even the Apple team themselves have highlighted the push towards AI.

Chief Executive Officer Tim Cook promised that the technology company will ‘break new ground’ in AI this year and the SVP of marketing Greg Joswiak even teased the conference by describing what’s to come as being “Absolutely Incredible!”


Another rumor claims the brand’s popular Macbooks will have AI-focused M4 chips which have artificial intelligence capabilities. If the report is true, the company will have nearly completed its production of the M4 computer chips.

Apple has reportedly been in talks with OpenAI over the last few months too, with a possibility of generative AI features being implemented within the iPhone.

Again, neither of these reports has been confirmed as the company has remained tight-lipped about possible upgrades and updates.

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