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ChatGPT-5: release date, price, and what we know so far

ChatGPT-5 could be released as early as this summer, according to reports. In anticipation of its launch, several businesses have allegedly experimented with a demo version of the tool to explore its enhanced features. The chatbot is expected to receive significant updates to its speech, images, and eventually video capabilities.

We do know it’s coming down the pipeline for sure. In a blog post on May 28, the company confirmed that a new model is on the way.

Specifically, the OpenAI Board has formed a Safety and Security Committee, led by directors Bret Taylor, Adam D’Angelo, Nicole Seligman, and CEO Sam Altman. This committee will be “responsible for making recommendations to the full Board on critical safety and security decisions for OpenAI projects and operations”.

The next iteration of this advanced large language model is seen as a crucial milestone on the path to achieving artificial general intelligence (AGI), enabling machines to copy human thought processes.

Here’s what to expect with the next version of GPT.

What is ChatGPT-5?

OpenAI says ChatGPT-5 “will be a state-of-the-art language model that makes it feel like you are communicating with a person rather than a machine.”

GPT-5 marks the next generation of the company’s Generative Pre-trained Transformer language model. OpenAI claim it represents a major advancement in natural language processing capabilities. With its more human-like ability to comprehend and produce text, GPT-5 could transform how we communicate with machines and automate numerous language-related jobs.

Will there be a ChatGPT-5 and what can it do?

As Altman has suggested, ChatGPT-5 will be an updated version of its predecessor, GPT-4. The OpenAI CEO stated, “Right now, GPT-4 can reason only in extremely limited ways, and its reliability is also limited,” hence the aim is to improve its current functionality.

GPT, which stands for “Generative Pre-trained Transformer,” is a deep learning-based language model designed to produce text that resembles human writing. It boasts more natural language processing skills and finds widespread use across numerous applications.

On top of being dependable, Altman stipulated that “customizability and personalization will also be very important.

“People want very different things out of GPT-4; different styles, different sets of assumptions – we’ll make all that possible,” he added.

Altman highlighted that GPT-5’s ability to utilize personal data, including understanding emails, calendar details, appointment scheduling preferences, and integrating with external data sources, will be among the key advancements.

Multi-modal AI is designed to learn from and use a variety of content types such as images, audio, video, and numerical data. OpenAI has stated that GPT-4 is a multi-modal model, capable of processing both text and image inputs, although it is restricted to generating outputs in text form only, but GPT-5 would use more data to train on.

“We launched images and audio, and it had a much stronger response than we expected. We’ll be able to push that much further, but maybe the most important areas of progress will be around reasoning ability,” Altman told Gates on his podcast.

OpenAI has already indicated that it is working on a “supersmart” assistant to run a computer for its user. It is said to rival Microsoft and Google’s own AI workplace assistant but these programs are said to be in their infancy.

When will ChatGPT-5 be released?

According to a recent report, OpenAI has started training GPT-5 in preparation for the AI model’s expected release mid-year. Business Insider notes that once training is finished, the system will undergo several phases of safety testing.

During this process, the bot will undergo “red teaming,” a method where both internal and external testers rigorously evaluate it, offering feedback on its strengths and vulnerabilities.

Speaking at the World Governments Summit (WGS) in Dubai in February, Altman reiterated that ChatGPT-5 is “going to be smarter.”

“It’s not like that this model is going to get a little bit better, it’s because we’re going to make them all smarter, it’s going to be better across the board,” he continued. He also spoke to Bloomberg, saying that he expected the company to “take its time” and make sure it can launch a product that they can feel “good about and responsible about.”

On March 19, Altman gave another update on the status of GPT-5 telling Lex Fridman on a podcast,We will release an amazing model this year. I don’t know what we’ll call it.”

The OpenAI CEO also hinted at a massive boost in capability between GPT-4 and GPT-5 saying the difference between the two models would be as large as the upgrade between GPT-3 and GPT-4.

On at least two occasions last fall, Altman affirmed that OpenAI was actively developing GPT-5.

The initial confirmation came during a speech at the alumni reunion of Y Combinator, his former venture capital firm, last September, as corroborated by two attendees. At that event, Altman stated that GPT-5 and its successor GPT-6 “were in the bag,” implying their development was assured and that they would surpass the capabilities of previous models.

In November 2023, he made its existence public, telling the Financial Times that OpenAI was working on GPT-5, although he stopped short of revealing its release date.

Will ChatGPT-5 be free?

While there is a free version of ChatGPT, it is unclear whether ChatGPT-5 will require a subscription-like its predecessor. The ChatGPT Plus subscription plan is $20 a month, providing subscribers with exclusive benefits including priority access during high-traffic periods, enhanced response times, the ability to use plugins, and exclusive access to GPT-4. Users also have access to its in-house AI image model DALL·E.

It’s also important to note that current language models are already expensive to train and maintain. This means that when GPT-5 is eventually released, access to it will likely require a subscription to ChatGPT Plus or Copilot Pro.

Ultimately, the launch of GPT-5 could lead to GPT-4 becoming more affordable and accessible. In the past, the high cost of GPT-4 has deterred a number of users. However, once it becomes cheaper and widely available, ChatGPT’s capability to handle complex tasks such as coding, translation, and research could significantly improve.

OpenAI has been approached for further comment.

UPDATED: New information on ChatGPT-5’s potential release date has been added on May 1, 2024.

Featured image: DALL·E / Canva

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