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Google adds AI-powered features to all Chromebook Plus laptops

Google has announced a suite of new AI-powered features for its full range of Chromebook Plus devices. Google Chromebook Plus users can now have AI assistance on a range of tasks, including write, ideation, editing, and more.

The new features are designed for Chromebook Plus laptops, which start from $350. All Chromebooks will also have new non-AI tools and Google integrations as well. That includes easy set-up with an Android phone, a new built-in view of Google Tasks, seamless GIF screen recording, and a new Game Dashboard.

What AI features are coming to the Chromebook Plus range?

Kicking off with “Help me write,” the AI writing tool allows you to access suggestions on tone or grammar with a right click. It can also generate text from scratch using a prompt or rewrite your existing copy to better suit what you’re looking for.

Another area where generative AI is coming into play is through AI image generation, specifically geared towards creating wallpaper and video call backgrounds for video calls. You can use suggested prompts or use your own to build backgrounds for calls.

Plus, Magic Editor means you can select a photo to edit in the Google Photos app and access a range of features. For example, you can tap or circle the object you want to edit, hold and drag to reposition it within the image, or pinch it to resize them. The editor can also offer contextual suggestions to improve the lighting and background.

The Google AI assistant, Gemini, is also available as standard on Google Chromebooks, including the Google One AI Premium plan offered at no cost to new Chromebook Plus users for the first 12 months. The plan includes access to Gemini Advanced, 2TB of storage and Gemini in Docs, Sheets, Slides, Gmail and more. Usually, this plan would cost you $19.99 a month.

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